"There is such untapped potential in our people. We will show you practical ways to realize the potential of your employees and produce a more effective, motivated team"

Executive and corporate effectiveness

Many leaders in struggling organizations experience times when they run out of ideas, energy and hope. They need someone to help them identify the things that will get the business back on track. Other leaders are faced with rapid growth and realize the organization doesn't have the people or systems to manage that success.

We have worked with both situations and know what needs to be done to succeed.


We understand the value of a clear strategy and focused plans. We have helped countless leaders develop that kind of direction for their organization. Our approach is defined by the needs of the client but it is always driven by results. We concentrate on practical actions that lead to concrete outcomes.


The most important factor in achieving business success is the quality of leadership. We have demonstrated the ability to train and coach leaders at all levels in an organization to build teams of people who are motivated and effective. Anyone can tell people what they should do. We know how to work with leaders to actually do it.


Every industry has its own key factors for success. Helping a business identify the things they are going to do exceptionally well is important and we do that. But what is critical is doing all the little things that make the difference between surviving and thriving. We have worked with companies in most industries to get very good at that.

recent engagements

A construction business...

...was struggling to get its line of credit renewed. We worked with the company to clarify how it would succeed despite the poor economy. A simple, yet clear plan and financial forecast gave the bank confidence and the line of credit was not only extended but also increased.

A family

...farm was losing money, deep in debt, and out of cash. We were able to return the farm to profitability by increasing their margins through a different marketing strategy, reduce expenses by streamlining processes and increasing productivity, and improve family relationships by clarifying roles and improving communication.

An owner...

...of a successful manufacturing company was approaching retirement age and trying to decide whether to sell the business to two of his four children who worked in the business. After we helped them determine the value of the business and honestly face the competence and relationships of the children, the mother and father decided that for the sake of the family they would sell the business and use the proceeds to support all four children in careers they enjoyed and could be successful in.

A large medical facility...

...was struggling with high turnover, low morale and poor customer service. We met with employees and received the feedback needed to work with leaders of the organization to regain trust, rebuild morale and significantly improve the performance throughout the organization.